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David Pye is Brisbane's most reliable and trusted carpet cleaning service. At David Pye Carpet Cleaning, we only use eco-friendly products. Our service is effective without chemical solvents or other harsh chemicals that harm the environment. We use specialised soaps and fabric whiteners, as well as a denaturing enzyme for the toughest of stains.

We deliver thorough carpet cleaning and pest control to residential and commercial buildings, including an end of lease carpet cleaning. We have built a reputation over the last four years through delivering timely services tailored to suit the needs of each individual’s situation.

We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, never sacrificing quality. Our carpet cleaning equipment meets the highest standards and provides quality carpet and upholstery cleaning without harsh chemical solvents. David Pye uses environmentally friendly soaps and fabric whiteners to achieve polished perfection in every job. Even the most urgent and demanding jobs, such as urine, blood, and red wine stains, are tackled with green and clean products, leaving no mark on your carpet or the environment.

Home Carpet Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaners bring a wealth of experience to every residential carpet cleaning situation. From furniture upholstery cleaning to large home carpet cleaning solutions. David Pye Carpet Cleaner is here to solve your carpet cleaning problems with ease. No job is too large or too small for David Pye Carpet Cleaner.

Office, Warehouse, and Factory Carpet Cleaning

David Pye Carpet Cleaner has extensive experience providing professional carpet cleaning to various commercial buildings and Brisbane businesses. We specialise in offices, warehouses, factories, and day care centres. Our services cover regular carpet cleaning, specific spill or stain clean up, and end of lease carpet cleaning. Our expert carpet cleaning services are available for large and small areas, with a full range of products and industrial vacuums.

Emergency Cleaning

David Pye Carpet Cleaner offers emergency carpet cleaning for urgent situations. This 24/7 carpet cleaning service is available on short notice for even the most severe stains. From blood to urine and red wine, we solve all your urgent carpet cleaning problems. If your scheduled end of lease cleaner has let you down at the last minute, we will step in and bring the solution to you.

Expert Pest Control

Usually coupled with our carpet cleaning services, we provide an expert pest control solution. From cockroaches to mice, David Pye removes every kind of pest infestation except termites.
With years of experience, David Pye is a qualified and licensed pest control expert.

Convenient Bundled Service

Some pests cause damage to carpet, upholstery, and mattresses. David Pye offers pest control in conjunction with expert carpet cleaning to repair damage, no matter how minor or severe, while removing the cause. Pest control can also be a preventative measure to secure your building while you are having your carpet cleaned. Bundle this service with your carpet cleaning to minimise disruption and save time. Our pest control is effective, efficient, and can be included in the same session as carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Emergency Service

David Pye Carpet Cleaning is a 24-hour service in case of urgent and emergency cases


We are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions

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We offer free and simple, no obligation quotes online or over the phone on our products and services

Pest Control

David Pye is an experienced pest control expert, holding a pest control license covering all pests except termites

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Our Range of Services

At David Pye Carpet Cleaner we believe in providing a hassle free, problem-solving service. This includes being a single point of call for all your carpet cleaning needs. David Pye is an experienced professional in cleaning carpet, upholstery, and mattresses, and even pest control for:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Day care centres
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Small units
  • Large houses

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